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Portrait de Claude Eigan ©Claude Eigan

Claude Eigan

Session 2024
15 January to 15 December
Portrait de Claude Eigan ©Claude Eigan

Claude Eigan lives and works in Marseille.
Claude Eigan is interested in permanent change and the instability inherent in all systems and things. He formalises his practice through sculpture and installation. He studies not only bodies, but also their vulnerability and inevitable demise, as well as the spaces they inhabit.
For Claude Eigan, ordinary objects easily recognisable, are the ideal vehicles for alternative narratives. Of these elements, neither sensational nor exceptional, Claude retains only their symbolic significance.
Using processes inspired by science fiction, he manipulates them, recontextualises them, modifies their scale, and makes them more complex by injecting them with corporeal elements.
“Digested” in this way, the hybrid object reveals deviant counter-histories, moments inspired by his own experience.   
In his most recent work, he is particularly interested in the memory of LGBTQIA+ places of socialisation, their often little-told story and the importance of these spaces in the face of an ongoing threat.

 Claude Eigan’s work has been shown at Zacheta National Gallery (Warsaw), Gallery Klemm’s (Berlin), Maison Populaire de Montreuil (Montreuil), AB7 Athens Biennale (Athens), Bangkok Biennale (Bangkok), Artemis Fontana (Paris), Sophie Tappeiner (Vienna), Horse and Pony Fine Arts (Berlin).