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Team and board

— Director: Victorine Grataloup
— Administrative and financial director: Florence Gosset
— Head of the exhibitions, residents and associate artists programs: Marie de Gaulejac (until 06/26/2024) then Camille Ramanana Rahary (from 08/26/2024 on)
— Intern: Léo Ferreiro


— President: Marianne Berger-Laleix, deputy general director of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris
— Secretary: Maxime Guitton, coordinator of research activities and artistic programmer, École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille - INSEAMM
— Treasurer: Christian Sebille, director of the GMEM , National Center for Musical Creation of Marseille— Administrator: Patrice Carré, artist, Marseille
— Administrator: V. Jourdain, artist

Regular collaborators of the Friche la Belle de Mai team (in alphabetical order)

— Jean-Cristophe Blanc, Aude Bourhis, Elsa Gasnault, Rachid Hogas, Charlotte Kinon, Agathe Mirafiore, Marjorie Nastro, Mathias Richard, Varduhi Sahagian, Souvenir Sitty Bahiya, Annabelle Verhaeghe, Pauline Wable, exhibition reception agents
— Simon Bryckaert, Matthieu Girard, Thomas Meysson, Reinier Sagel, technical team for setting up and dismantling exhibitions
— Pauline Coutant, director of communications and audiences
— Lucie Duriez, director of production and cultural development
— Céline Emas-Jarousseau, responsible for visual arts projects
— John Girard, general exhibition manager
— Susana Monteiro, action manager cultural
— Giulia Novelli, reception and hospitality manager
— David Soriano, reception & ticketing team leader
— Mia Suau, Losseni Toure, reception and ticketing staff
— Marine Tesseyre, Capucine Tible, mediators cultural

Former employees (in chronological order)

— Sandra Patron (Triangle France, 1998-2007)
— Nadine Maurice (Triangle France, 1999-2012)
— Valérie Horwitz (Triangle France, 2000)
— Dorothée Dupuis (Triangle France, 2007-2012)
— Emilie Franco (Triangle France, 2009-2011)
— Sandro Della Noce (Triangle France, 2009-2010)
— Nadia Boursin Piraud (Triangle France, 2009-2013)
— Mathilde Guyon (Triangle France, 2009-2016)
— Emilie Lacombe (Triangle France, 2010-2011)
— Marjorie Hervé (Triangle France, 2011-2012)
— Elodie Lecuiller (Triangle France, 2011-2013)
— Vincent Drouhot (Triangle France, 2010-2011)
— Thomas Royer (Triangle France, 2012-2012)
— Mourad Messoubeur (Triangle France, 2012-2014)
— Cynthia Albisser (Triangle France, 2012-2017)
— Céline Kopp (Triangle France, 2012-2022)
— Margot Schaaff (Triangle France, 2013)
— Vincent Lucarne (Triangle France, 2013)
— Saray Vattani (Triangle France, 2013)
— Olivier Lemort (Triangle France, 2013-2015)
— Chloé Curci (Triangle France, 2013-2015)
— Mike Ben Hadj (Triangle France, 2014)
— Héloise Beaufils (Triangle France, 2014-2015)
— Manon Keraudren (Triangle France, 2014-2016)
— Mourad Messoubeur (Triangle France, 2014-2015)
— Marine Ricard (Triangle France, 2015-2017)
— Amélie Claude (Triangle France, 2015-2016)
— Tichadou Claire (Triangle France, 2015-2016)
— Laetitia Toulout (Triangle France, 2016-2017)
— Guilhem Monceaux (Triangle France, 2016-2018)
— Anne Marchis Mouren (Triangle France, 2016-2018)
— Marie de Gaulejac (Astérides puis Triangle-Astérides, 2017-2024)
— Aurélia Defrance (Triangle France, 2018 puis 2019-2020)
— Fréderic Blancart (Triangle France puis Triangle-Astérides, 2018-2022)
— Adélie de Soumagnat (2022)